Marvelous Yellow

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Aside from representing creativity, the colour yellow is often associated with the warmth of summer, and sun-ripened fruit.

Each vineyard used to produce this exciting blend is special in its own way. Some, like the Chenin Blanc and Semillon, are very old vineyards dating back to 1965 and 1936 respectively and form the core of this wine.

Muscat de Frontignan, well documented
in The Cape since the late 1600’s has long been associated with high quality wines.

It provides a delicate aromatic character to the blend, and contrasts with the firm, savoury texture contributed by mature vine Clairette Blanche.

Chardonnay sourced from young vines in the Polkadraai ward of Stellenbosch lends a vibrancy to the blend, and will provide a richness and texture as the wine matures.

Apart from Chardonnay, each variety included in the Marvelous Yellow blend has a strong association with the heritage of South Africa’s wine growing history, making the Marvelous Yellow not only unique, but an alluring connection to our past.



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