The Story

A desire to produce affordable, freshly styled wines from the incredible diversity of vineyards across the Western Cape resulted in the creation of Marvelous Wines. (Dreaming a concept and seeing it to fruition is a Marvelous feeling).

First released in 2010 comprising a pair of red blends, the range now includes a white blend and a classic dry Rosé.

The wines are boldly labelled using a striking woodcut font that harks back to an era of artisanal printing techniques, much the same way in which each of these wines celebrates a classic winemaking style. (Celebrating tradition whilst embracing change is a Marvelous point of view).

Our winemaking approach relies on the use of minimal intervention, rather focussing on identifying unique vineyard sites and striving to harvest as early in the season as possible in pursuit of naturally balanced wines.

Whilst all the wines are matured to some degree in oak barrels, we chose to use ‘neutral’ or older oak casks so as not to overwhelm the varietal grape flavours with that of powerful new oak. (Understanding the complexity of the winemaking process but knowing when not to interfere is a Marvelous approach).

Marvelous Wines to celebrate the spirit of wonder that has accompanied wine throughout the ages. We firmly believe that wine does not have to be over-complicated in order to be great. Rather the choice of occasion and selection of wine to accompany that occasion have the ability to turn an average experience into something great. (Don’t settle for ordinary, chose to be Marvelous!).